Laurence White, senior lecturer in Speech and Language Sciences at Newcastle University.

What is Psychoprosody?

Psychoprosody primarily hosts an up-to-date list of my academic publications. There are also a few links to blog-style posts related to occasional public engagement activities.

Why “Psychoprosody”?

Prosody is the musicality of human speech: melody, timing, rhythm, phrasing.

In my research, I investigate how prosody helps us to understand spoken language and to interact with each other. Prosody plays a crucial role when we learn our first languages as children and other languages in later life, helping us to break up the spoken sentences that we hear into individual words. Patterns of variation in melody and timing are also important for organising turn-taking in conversation, and can give indications about our emotional states.

The Psych Shed…

In my previous position, in the School of Psychology at Plymouth University, I wrote an occasional blog – the Psych Shed – about psychology research. My last post on there was November 2016, but it was fun while it lasted.

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